About Gadget Techs Richmond Virginia - We’re a smart, passionate group of Richmonders who work really hard to fix our neighbors stuff. Gadget Techs is 100% locally Owned and Operated. Like many other locally owned small businesses here in Richmond Virginia, Gadget Techs takes pride in it’s independent from big box and corporate retailers.

Gadget Techs prides itself on being an integral part of the RVA community both as a resource and as a supporter of other local organizations doing great things for our RVA neighborhoods. Some of our work include Safe Electronic Disposal and Re-use Programs in our communities in which we operate by extending the life of electronics through our Buy Sell Trade Repair program, Teen Sexting Awareness along side WRIC TV8 and NBC12 and Texting and Driving Awareness through blogging and donations.

We are here, helping to ensure that our local economy stays strong. Did you know, for every dollar that is spent in a locally owned business, 45 cents stays in the local economy, creating jobs and contributing to our local tax base. For National Chains and Big Box Stores, only 14 cents of that dollar spent stays in the community. Think about the impact a 31% difference can make for our families and friends right here in Richmond.

We take a lot of pride in word of mouth growth, and with this, we lay it on the line, making sure that we out perform any expectation.

Gadget Techs provides smart phone repair, Laptop, PC and Game Console repairs solutions to the Richmond Virginia Market. We focus on providing fast repair solutions, pre-owned smart phones, laptops and cell phone accessories. We are located right here in historic Richmond Virginia.

We ask for your help in educating our community to make other aware that damaged equipment can be repaired for re-use and get a second chance at life and not end up in a landfill. The devices we repair are re-used, the devices we buyback are re-sold and many of the devices that are beyond repair are recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Gadget Reduce. “Reduce” means using fewer resources in the first place. You don’t need to let go completely or all at once. “Reduce” is a comparative word. It says: cut back from where you are now.

Gadget Reuse. Before you recycle or dispose of anything, consider whether it has life left in it. An older model can be reused and a broken cell phone can be repaired.

Gadget Recycle. End of life equipment has metals and plastic that can be recycled and used to create other products.

With a firm commitment to our customers, organizations, and our neighbors family and friends, Gadget Techs is proud to serve as the catalyst for the responsible re-use and recycling of used electronics.


Cracked screens to water damage, we repair cell phones right here everyday.
Tablets & iPads
Save BIG repairing vs replacing. Let us fix your iPad or tablet today!
PC's & Laptops
Slow PC, shattered laptop, virus? We fix many problems in a day.