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 Bring in your PC or we’ll come to your location to diagnose the problem and give you some options, and a quote  to solve the problem. From there you can decide if you want us to perform the repair. 

Repairs we perform:

  • Gadget Techs Laptop Motherboard Repair
    Having trouble turning on or will crashing intermittently. Some video problems also require a motherboard repair as most video chips are soldered onto the system board. Few laptops have a separate video card. Our technicians can perform component level repairs on most motherboards. We replace resistors, transistors and perform chip-set repairs. Many system board failures are caused by the motherboard bending when the laptop is moved. Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777


  • Gadget Techs Power Jack Repair

    AC DC  power ports, data port connectors and dc power inputs are small internal components you would  plug your dc power plug (tip part of your AC adapter cable) plug into to charge your laptop. A damaged or faulty jack can cause random issues with your laptop including randomly shutting down without any warning, flickering power lights and poor battery performance.

    If for  some time you’ve ever had to manipulate (wiggle) the charger cable around to get the device to receive a charge, it has become partially dislocated from the mother board or physically damaged and would need to be replaced to get the device to ever receive a proper charge.

    You’ll likely need a jack replacement if the power only works when you are moving the power cord and if when plugged in the laptop looks dead (e.g. no lights, no activity etc). If you remove your battery and plug the charger into the jack and the lights stay on all the time when moving the jack around (e.g. gently move the plug from side to side, up and down) then its likely to NOT be a power jack replacement you’ll need and further investigation will be needed.

    Gadget Techs can repair power ports for 95% of  laptops on the market.  We remove (desolder) the dc power jack  and solder a brand new dc power jack to the motherboard, reassemble, test then we’re done. Average cost for these services are $100 to $125.  These services generally take about an 2-3 hour to complete. Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777

  • Gadget Techs Laptop Back-light & Inverter Repair
    The laptop switches on but the screen remains dark. In some cases a faint image is visible on the screen. This problem can be caused by a faulty fluorescent light, inverter, video cable or a problem on the motherboard. Back Lights use very high voltages and it is easy to cause more damage to the system if they are not correctly handled and installed. We replace the backlight lamps in most TFT/LCD screens. We also have access to most backlight inverters and cables. Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777


  • Gadget Techs Laptop Keyboard Repair
    Most keyboards are damaged by liquid spills and general wear. We can supply or install keyboards for most laptops. We also repair keyboard connectors on the system board.
    Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777


  • Gadget Techs Laptop Fan and Heatsink Repair
    We replace fans and heat sink parts for most laptops. In cases where the original fan is not available, we can install substitute fans which will be equivalent or surpass the performance of the original fan. Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777


  • Gadget Techs Laptop LCD Screen Repair

    If you’ve dropped your laptop—or dropped something on it—and the screen has fractured, the diagnosis is easy. Connect an external monitor to your notebook via its VGA-out port to verify that the notebook’s other components still work. If the laptop functions properly in all other respects, it’s time to have Gadget Techs repair your device with a replacement LCD screen.

    If your display problems aren’t the result of visible physical damage, however, the problem may not be the LCD. If your screen’s backlight flickers, shuts down after a few minutes of usage, or doesn’t come on at all, but you can still see a faint screen image, your problem may be the inverter, a small board that supplies power to the backlight. The good news is that these boards are repairable by Gadget Techs.

    If you see gibberish, lines, or a solid color on the screen, connect an external monitor and switch to that display (if you can). If the problem is evident on the external monitor, the issue is likely with your laptop’s motherboard or video circuitry, not the display. If the external display works properly, the LCD or the cables leading to it are the likely problem.

    We can supply original and compatible replacements for most laptop screens. In some cases only refurbished screens are available. Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777


  • Gadget Techs Laptop Hinge Repair
    Some laptops have a problem with the hinge becoming stiff. It becomes difficult to open and close the laptop lid. The plastics may also be damaged by a defective hinge. Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777

  • Gadget Techs CD/DVD and floppy drive Repair
    Our technicians can repair or replace these drives. We have a lot of drives in stock and the work can be carried out very quickly. Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777


  • Gadget Techs Hard Drive Replacement
    Faulty hard drives can cause data loss and stop your laptop from booting into Windows. We can replace faulty hard drive and attempt to recover your data. After installing the new drive, our engineers perform a thorough disk test to ensure that your data is as secure as possible.


  • Gadget Techs Power Adapters Repair
    Some devices use the center pin on the dc jack to identify the adapter being used. The systems will only work correctly with right adapter. We try to stock a wide range of power supplies to ensure that most systems are covered. Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777


  • Gadget Techs Software and Drivers Repair
    Viruses and improper shutdowns can lead to the Windows XP operating system or the file system becoming corrupted. We can recover your data and install a fresh operating system or drivers to prevent crashes. We can also recover your data from totally dead or unusable computers. Call us Now Gadget Techs (804) 918-0777


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